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13 April 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Sunday, April 13, 2014

13 April 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

A few things to report which it appears from my e-mails will make quite a few people happy. I do not however have the magic pill or bait recommendation for you, I know, this is why you read but I can onlymention a few tips.

First the Jicarilla Lakes (Mundo& Stone) have been stocked for the first time this year. This has been the topic of many e-mails; the fish stocked this spring were all rainbow trout.

Embom Lake will be undergoing some aerator changes that will hopefully allow the lake to increase its productivity. It will be stocked once improvements are made. The schedule for this work is currently “As soon as the water is warm enough for me to swim in…” I need to do some underwater scouting and I think the current 45ish degrees is a fair to chilly for me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of updates as they become available.

Fishing reports have been coming in slowly. As per usual some are doing well others are having a tough time. It appears that the water temperatures are still a hair low and fish may not be actively swimming around making powerbait fishing slow. Black and olive conehead or beadhead wooly buggers trolled slowly have been picking up fish in Mundo and Stone.

One angler shared a stomach sample from a nice Stone Lake trout. In its stomach was a selection of snails and immature damsel fly larvae, as well as what appeared to be mayfly larvae. Snails are always something to have around as well as scud in grey and olive. Scuds only turn orange when they are dead…

Quite a few anglers have been having a tough time fishing Stone due to the spring time “Breeze”. The weather has slowed many anglers in pontoon craft, always remember to have some extra cordage on your boat, it’s a key safety requirement in my eyes, as well as helpful in rigging a second anchor when the wind is cantankerous.  I prefer parachute cord also known as 550 cord, buy the good stuff with an actual 550lbs breaking strength.  Find a good rock and learn a few knots and your good to go with an anchor always return your rocks before leaving.

The river has been fishing well for this time of year with some of the locals managing some nice browns and a few rainbows. One angler reported catching a sizeable cuttbow. Most the fishermen I’ve spoken with have been using small spinners, worms or wooly bugger type streamers. Remember if fishing the river be kind to the native fish. Spring runoff is fast approaching and the water is starting to turn a little turbid. Sadly it might be a “you should have been here last week” but only time will tell if this weekend is awesome fishing.

Hopefully this inspires some fishing adventures in the coming weeks… As always send comments, questions or concerns to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com, please send it reports as well.

25 March 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 March 2014


Spring is starting to show itself here on the Jicarilla. With spring comes in my opinion some of the best fishing though it seems most people have not yet succumb to cabin fever. I’m highly allergic to cabin fever myself so I try to shake the dust off the fishing gear and at least go wash my line in the local drink as soon as possible. For me it may be a cathartic exercise in cold, wind, and numb fingers. Though it appears to have been above 50 and sometimes touching 60 up here in Dulce.

I have been receiving a large amount of e-mails from anglers asking about what’s happening at Stone and Mundo. As most of these anglers will attest I try to respond quickly and with all the information I have. Mundo hosted two anglers yesterday that had a hard time sealing the deal on a few bites though they only fished a few hours.

I have not received a report from Stone yet this season, so I have nothing to share.

 It appears 50 is too cold for New Mexico’s finest fishermen/women.  Or no one is willing to make an early spring attempt at the largest trout of their lives. Fishing is all about the unknown, at its rawest carnal level. That’s the purpose of casting a line into dark waters, to have a chance at holding the unknown. If the unknown happens to taste good that’s a perk.

 A fishing report only tells you, what was happening last week, or reminds you boldly “you should’ve been here last week”.  It is my humble opinion that one should go fishing when time allows, and one should make as much allowable time as possible. Regardless of what the latest blog report or facebook page says. I feel the best fishing in my life as occurred on days where if I ever had read the fishing report, it would have said “don’t bother, mow the yard”.

 A lot of interest has been coming in on the Navajo River. I know one local angler has been fishing it regularly and has managed a few nice brown trout so far this spring. Right now the flows and conditions are optimal though spring runoff is fast approaching. Though run off is turbid, fishing can be good, it just becomes much more of a challenge.  The key to this river as I have explained via e-mail to many interested fishermen is learning to find holding areas and fishing them aggressively. These are not your San Juan quality waters petting zoo trout. You will be sorely disappointed if you tight line nymph a riffle at your feet for hours on end. One must cover water effectively and move regularly. Do not expect this river to look feel or fish like the waters closer to your home. It’s my favorite place to fish in New Mexico. If you’re up for an expedition, this weekend would be an excellent time to give it a try. Please be kind to our native fishes and return them unharmed immediately. A rule of thumb for those not keen on native fish identification is, if it is not a trout release it asap.

Well sports fans that is the rant and rave today, hopefully some will take this to heart and have some information to donate to the cause… be a report writer, not the face in palm mowing the yard guy.


11 March 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the fishing here on the Jicarilla. I can tell you that only a few people have been out on the lakes but no one has reported any successes or failures. It is my personal belief the next few weeks will be the best fishing until the fall bite...

Stone and Mundo Lake are both ice free and looking beautiful. I would not miss out on the next few weeks of fishing here on the Jicarilla. As normal annual fishing permits expire March 31st and New permits will need to be purchased to fish April 1 and beyond. The 2014- 2015 fishing proclamations are available on the homepage to our website (jicarillahunt.com), there are some changes that everyone should be aware of before fishing here this year.... 

I will post any new fishing report information as it becomes available.



18 February 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18 February 2014


Ice conditions of the Jicarilla have deteriorated rapidly with unseasonably warm temperatures over the weekend. Mundo Lake ice has detached from the shore, and Stone is mostly open causing large cracks and shifting in wind events.

It is for these reasons I’m formally closing the lakes to ice fishing, due to the inherent safety risks.

It was a great season, and I know a lot of you caught some awesome fish.

On a side note I launched my canoe in the openings in Stone this weekend, and managed a couple beautiful fish on the North East side.  Spring is almost here, and the fishing should be excellent. I will try and keep everyone informed of changes and fishing reports as they become available.

The 2014-2015 proclamation will be available in March.  

 If you have any questions or comments please send them to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com.

Thanks to all of our anglers for making the 2013-2014 fishing season a success!



10th Feb 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, February 10, 2014

10th Feb 2014


I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding ice conditions on the Jicarilla. I posted a week or two ago about high temperatures and winds creating very unsafe conditions at Stone and Mundo.

With the recent cold front passing through ice conditions have improved enough to allow fishing, but  with the variability reported I would highly suggest test holes before wandering anywhere on the ice. Snow has fallen on the ice covering weak spots and perhaps giving a false sense of safety.

This weekend two anglers reported 6” at Stone, but variable, and very unsafe ice near and around the aerators which is to be expected. One angler reported from Mundo about 11” but variable.

The anglers did report good fishing at Stone with three on the ice that I heard of, all nice fat fish. While anglers at Mundo may have been sleeping on the job with at least five fish lost at the hole.

I will use this time again to reiterate that the Jicarilla Apache Nation, Jicarilla Department of Game And Fish, nor its agents are responsible for your personal safety. Use good judgment and beware of the inherent risks of ice fishing late in the season!

I will keep you updated as new information comes in.



29 January 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Due to unseasonably warm temperatures and high winds this week, ice conditions have been changing rapidly.

I have not personally gone and measured thickness, but as of yesterday an angler told me it was around 5inches

on Stone and Mundo, with large cracks and shifting significantly.  I  have posted this information as a reminder that

you need to check conditions on the ground before wandering around the ice. I have been telling anglers to plan

for the possibility the ice is not safe at their favorite lake.  Please use your good judgment.

I will post real time information as it becomes available.



28 January 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28th January 2014

Howdy Folks,

Well the 8th Annual Missing Link Ice Derby went off without a hitch this weekend. It seemed though I spent most of my time at Stone Lake everyone had fun and quite a few fish were caught. Some anglers targeted numbers at Mundo while others went for size at Stone. As follows are some of the big winners from this year’s derby.

I refuse to share the winning techniques, some people requested secrecy. While I feel it will cheat you out of learning and becoming a better angler on your own (the proper way in my humble opinion).  I can tell you that orange and white were hot colors as well as a magical jalapeño produced excellently… I’m not sure what it was, all I heared when speaking with the angler was jalapeno so it could have really been anything, or a color, or fresh roasted produce, it caught a whole lot of catfish from Mundo though…

A total of 133 anglers participated in the 8Th annual Ice Derby.

Adult Division

1st     5 Rainbow Trout from Stone totaling 17lbs 6.5oz

2nd   14 Channel Catfish & 3 Rainbow Trout from Mundo totaling 13lbs 11.5oz

3rd   7 Channel Catfish & 2 Rainbow Trout from Mundo totaling 11lbs 14.5oz

4th   7 Channel Catfish & 2 Rainbow Trout from Mundo totaling 8lbs 5oz

Longest fish was a 22.165” (563mm) from Stone Lake

Smallest fish was a whopping 27mm largemouth bass caught from Mundo Lake.

All the youth who stuck around for the weigh in were winners as there were top four prizes and four youth present for prize drawing. We chose prizes based on the kids participating in the Heads or Tails game…

Though it was not a category the heaviest fish caught  toped the scales around 7 pounds.


Thanks to everyone for making this a very successful event!



Ice Report 13Jan2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, January 13, 2014

 January 13th 2014

Fishing has been hot for local anglers on Stone Lake. I have been told of or seen 10 fish over the last two weeks pulled through the ice in the 5 to 9 pound range (21-24"). The hot lure seems to be white feather jigs. Ice is in the 6-10" range. One angler filled a limit of fish in the 18-22” range and Happy doesn’t even begin to describe his feelings on the epic day.

I received my first report from Horse Lake. Two fish were caught this weekend in the 15" range but were described as the healthiest trout the angler had ever seen, which in science terms means Fat and Sassy. Do not expect large numbers of fish but they all should be Fat and Sassy.

Mundo Lake has treated some anglers with high catch rates and consistent 12-15" inch fish. Others have got a big ‘ole skunk. Anglers concentrating on the Dam have fared worse than anglers willing to hike toward the south end or eastern shore. Soft baits like eggs or powerbait have not been producing as well as active jigging or meal/wax worms.

Do not forget the 8th annual Ice Derby on January 25th information can be found on the blog. Expect even better prizes than last year with three cash prizes ranging from 250 to 100 bucks, on top of awesome gear.

Hope to see you all out here soon!


8th Annual Ice Derby

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, January 02, 2014

Jicarilla Ice Derby

8th Annual Missing Link Ice Derby

When: Saturday January 25th 2014. Registration will be held at the Wild Horse Casino Event Room (Dulce, NM) from 6:30am- 9:00am. Late entries will be accepted 9:30am-11:00am at Mundo Lake off J-8. Derby officially starts at 7:30 am and ends 3:30pm January 25th 2014. Weigh in will be held at the Wild Horse Casino Event Room at 4:30pm.

Where:  This year contestants will be allowed to fish Stone and Mundo Lake.

Who: The 8th annual derby is open to everyone. There is an Adult and Youth (12 years of age and under) Division.

How Much: Adult entry $25.00 with valid Jicarilla Fishing Permit, $35.00 without valid Jicarilla Fishing Permit. Youth permits $10.00. Contestants must have their valid fishing permit at registration to receive discount. Only cash or check will be accepted! Every participant will receive a free event t-shirt.

Prizes:  In the Adult Division prizes will be given for top 4 places in overall bag weight. Youth Division prizes will be given for top 4 places in over all bag weight.  A prize will also be given for longest fish of the day and smallest fish of the day. The Annual Ice Derby is known for its awesome prizes and this year is no exception. Door prizes will also be given to contestants who are lucky enough to have their registration number drawn at the weigh in.

Rules: A complete list of rules and regulations will be given to each contestant at registration. A few rules to be aware of for this year are: One rod allowed per contestant, All Tiger Musky caught must be returned unharmed and are not considered for weigh in, No bag limit applies for derby contestants.  Cheating will not tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification from derby.

 Questions: check out the fishing blog on jicarillahunt.com for updates or for specific questions e-mail jicarillafishqs@gmail.com.

23 December 2013

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, December 23, 2013


I have received some up to date ice condition reports, and a few fishing reports on our lakes from this weekend.

Embom: has about 5" of ice on the south end of the lake and fishing with white jigs was very productive on 15" fat trout.

Dulce has 8" around the edges and 5" toward the middle, no fish were caught but plenty showed themselves on the Sonar. Ice Conditions were highly variable so remember your test holes before exploring...

Stones ice conditions were poor except on the north side of the lake, but the conditions were suspect enough to keep the angler I spoke with off the lake.

Mundo has 8" of ice and fishing has been extremely good. White twister tail jigs where the bait of choice.