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26 Juanuary 2015

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015


Even though we got a late start on our ice season this year, this weekend was what appears to be one of the more consistent fishing reports from the season. I know of at least four fisherman who all caught there limit of trout( 12-16" fish), and there were reports of other anglers catching as well. Obviously I can’t talk to everyone… But it seemed every type of baits was working, from meal worms to feather jigs. I did not talk to an angler who was having poor luck on particular bait.

Ice conditions were 6” to 7” on Mundo measured on Sunday. Due to high temperatures yesterday the ice is shifting and popping quite a bit. Use your best judgment.  On Friday it was 7” and making quite a bit of noise. But the bite seemed like it was on for the anglers I talked to. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so I would expect things to start changing rapidly, if winter doesn’t kick in sooner or later…

Stone is still deemed unsafe. And I would imagine it to stay that way until ice season is over. Some anglers have been risking it, as I’ve seen foot prints and auger holes. But the ice was 2” near shore, so I did not venture any farther.  Please use your best judgment, as ice fishing is inherently dangerous.



9th Annual Ice Derby

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The 9th Annual Ice Derby was what I would call a 100% success with 128 entries, and sun burns for everyone. The weather was fantastic and the ice held in there despite the near 50 degree temps. This year the Wildhorse Casino and Inn generously donated cash prizes for the top six contestants, so three people who would have gone home empty handed last year got a nice honorable mention cash prize.


1st Place  Pa Yang with 20 channel catfish weighing 24.lbs 15oz.

2nd Place Sue Lee with 8 channel catfish and 1 rainbow trout weighing 12lbs. 7 oz.

3rd Place Michael Alesio with 9 rainbow trout, 1 largemouth bass, and 1 channel catfish weighing11lbs. 13.5 oz.

4th Place Shawn Jones with 4 rainbow trout 3 channel catfish and 1 largemouth bass weighing 9lbs. 12.5oz.

5th Place Mitch Roggy 3 rainbow trout and 2 channel catfish weighing 8lbs. 0.5oz

6th Place Sam Loftin with 7 rainbow trout and 1 channel catfish weighing 6lbs 15.5oz

Youth (All kids who checked in at the prize ceremony received a prize)

1st  Place Yvey Hanson with 1 rainbow trout weighing 1lbs 2 oz ( tie breaker of length was used, 350mm)

2nd Place Julian Cdebaca 1 rainbow trout 1lbs. 2oz (343mm)

3rd Place Joshua Maestas 1 rainbow trout weighting 0lbs 13oz.

Longest fish went to Annie Montoya with a rainbow trout measuring 21.5” and weighing 5lbs 3oz.

Shortest fish went to Joe Pesata with a largemouth bass measuring 277mm

In total a 112 fish were weighed in at the prize ceremony, and one angler traveled all the way from Virginia to enter the Derby. Pa Yang crushed the competition with the nearest angler 12lbs 8oz behind her winning bag weigh on 24lbs. 15oz.

I would like to give a special thanks to Rosenburg Tafoya for all of his efforts organizing this event. I would also like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors of the event this year!

KCIE 90.5                Jicarilla Travel Center      Jicarilla Public Relations Dept.      Wildhorse Casino & Inn

Running Elk Corp.          Jicarilla Early Childhood Development                  FE Guides         FE Forums

Jicarilla Tru Value         East Main Trading             Raymond Rent-A-Nerd      Dulce Auto Parts

San Juan Marine


Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, January 14, 2015



I have been on travel this week, but I just received the call from Rosenburg that Mundo has 6-7" of good ice as well as some good snow cover.

As of Today we will officially be having the 9th Annual Ice Derby as planned!

Obviously (unlikely) if conditions were to change by the day of the event arrangements for rescheduling would have to be made.

I want everyone to have a fun and SAFE event, and with this years weird winter it has been very difficult to predict ice conditions into the future. Hence the prolonged announcement.


Hope to see you all on the 17th!




January 6th 2015

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January 6th 2015


Happy New Year Folks,

Next weekend (January 17th) is the 9th Annual Ice Derby. It is assumed at this point that the derby will be held as scheduled since ice conditions are seemingly improving at Mundo Lake. Throughout the two weeks to come the Fisheries Crew will continue to monitor conditions to insure a safe and fun event for all participants. On Wednesday January 14th the Crew will make a final announcement in regards to the event. If at this point the ice is not safe the derby will be postponed. I do not think this will be an issue, but the weather this year has made it extremely difficult to judge conditions into the future.

As always participants can expect awesome prizes and the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win some awesome fishing trips donated by Chama Land & Cattle as well as Fish Enchantment Guides, as well as an iPad mini (bring cash to purchase tickets at the event). All (100%) proceeds from Jicarilla Game & Fish Derbies goes directly into stocking fish in the Jicarilla Lakes, come out enjoy some good times for a good cause!

Just an update on ice conditions and fishing, yesterday the Fisheries Crew went out and checked ice thickness at Mundo and Stone, as well as Embom, below you will find thickness’s measured on January 5th 2015. Embom Lake was stocked this summer with brown trout but due shallow water and current low dissolved oxygen conditions, it is assumed to be fishless. The same is assumed with Horse and Dulce Lake.  This is not news, as I have been updating anglers regularly about the droughts effects on these three lakes.

Ice is highly variable, the Fisheries Crew obviously cannot test every area of ice, and the individual angler assumes all responsibility for their own safety.  Neither the Jicarilla Apache Nation nor its agents assume any responsibility for the personal safety of anglers or their property. Please folks be smart use your best judgment when walking onto any frozen body of water, if you are unsure of conditions drill test holes frequently!

Mundo Lake:

The Fish Crew walked approximately one hundred yards East off the boat ramp and drilled test holes every 30 yards or so. Average Ice thickness was 6.5” of well composed ice. The crew then walked straight south for another 100 yards drilling in the same manner. The average ice thickness on this transect was 6” and ice composition was similar. There was one patch of ice on the Southeast corner that was recently frozen and ice did start to lose thickness toward this area. The area was clearly marked by lots of feathers and blood, where an eagle pair had been feasting on the ducks that remained in the patch before it froze.  The ice has approximately 2” of snow on top making walking easier, but causing difficulty identifying areas of concern. In total 8 test holes were drilled all showing greater than 5” of ice in the areas sampled.

Anglers have been on the lake over the weekend and reported catches of trout in the 14” range, one angler reported white feather jigs being the hot ticket for their party.

Stone Lake:

The Fish Crew walked approximately 50 yards west from the east boat ramp and drilled test holes every 20 yards or so. Ice thickness was on average 5.5”. At this point the Crew walked 100 yards north and drilled test holes every 20 yards or so. Average ice thickness was 5”. Stone Lake’s ice was highly variable across the entire lake with openings near aerators and what appeared to be thin spots and openings sporadically throughout the lake. One group of fishermen had fished in the area directly out from the east boat ramp, and there appeared to be blood from a capture next to one of the holes. I did not speak with these anglers so I’m unsure of the particulars. The lake also had approximately 2” of snow cover causing difficulty identifying areas of concern. The Crew was not comfortable wondering around too much due to the high assumed variability in ice thickness.

Happy New Year and I hope to see you all at the derby!


Christmas Eve

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, December 24, 2014

24 December 2014

Happy Holidays Folks,

Just a short note today. Ice is in a similar condition to last update. Sheet ice is has formed around a little more than half of Mundo but is not thick enough to support much of anything.  Stone was almost ice free yesterday due to high winds and warm temps.

I will keep everyone posted in the upcoming weeks. It shouldn’t be long, but the unseasonably warm temps sure have made it difficult to judge.

Happy Holidays from the Jicarilla Fish Crew!



17 December 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17 December 2014

Well it’s the 17th and there is a light dusting of snow mixed with drizzle out the office window. I have been getting a lot of inquires about ice conditions, and I’ll recap what’s going on here for all the readers.

There is light sheet ice developing on most of the lakes, but nothing close to “fish-able” ice as of yet. I imagine due to the colder winter type weather we have had here since this weekend, that the ice is coming but just not yet.

I imagine many of you are busy sharpening auger blades and bulk purchasing hand warmers. So this news may be received with a negative cabin fever fueled curse word or two. It’s okay, soon hopefully you’ll be able to slip and slide out onto the Jicarilla Lakes.

Just a reminder the 9th Annual Ice Derby is scheduled for January 17th (of course dependant on ice conditions). Fishing should be excellent and I think I scheduled around all the serious football shenanigans that usually occur in January. Come out and enjoy with friends and family. Our pile of prizes continues to grow, and 100% of funds generated from the derby go to stocking the Jicarilla.


As always you can contact me at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com

Happy Holidays,


9th Annual Ice Derby Annoucement

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 10th 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 December 2014

Howdy fish fans,

I have been on travel the last week or so and have finally made it home to Dulce. Not to terribly much to report. But I’ll recap the messages from my time away.

Mundo Lake is still ice-free except for some sheet ice in the mornings. A group of anglers last week fishing from pontoon craft said they caught about 25 trout in the 14-16” range in a couple of hours. So fishing seems to still be holding strong despite the cold nights and short days.

Stone lake has been fished a few times this winter with no luck from anglers that have reported. The last anglers noted having to break sheet ice in their small boat to access large areas of the lake. This ice most likely has thickened on the lake, but is nowhere near a thickness that would be deemed ice fish-able.

January 17th 2015 is the 9th annual Jicarilla Ice Derby. The Fish Crew is working as fast and diligently as possible rounding up prizes, organizing tee-shirt stuff etc. etc. We hope this year’s derby is a crowd pleaser.  Fliers will be posted soon. But mark your calendars for the 17th.

Questions etc. e-mail me at jicarrilafishqs@gmail.com


26 Nov 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, November 26, 2014

26 Nov 2014


Not much to report as far as fishing activity, the weather has been cold and the lakes are slowly starting to show signs of winter. Sheet Ice is not melting in the shallow coves on Stone and Mundo. It shouldn’t be long before ice fishing season starts. As long as no unforeseen heat waves come through.

The river has shelf ice forming in the northern exposures and around most of the boulders. It will not be to long before it is frozen over for the season. Please do not wander on the frozen river, no matter how thick it appears to be. To call this highly unsafe, is a major understatement.

Hope all of you have a happy holiday, as for me, I’m dreaming of warmer weather, dry flies, and wet wading, alas this will have to wait till next fall.


19 November 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19 November 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

It’s getting cold here on the Jicarilla, now before you start packing up your ice sled; it’s not that cold yet. But our night time temperatures have been in the 10-11 degree range.  Sheet ice is present around the lake edges in the morning, but it usually melted by late morning.

As the temperatures drop the fishing pressure has subsided, though fishermen have been catching trout from the docks at Mundo as well as from float tubes the last few weeks with regularity. Anglers have been landing rainbow trout in the 11-16” range on everything from powerbait to swimming nymphs, wooly buggers and just about everything in-between.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks.

One angler reporting fishing the Navajo River last week and said fishing was slow with only one brown trout landed. I imagine there still is some time left to fish the river before winter fully sets in, but those days are numbered.

Just so everyone who got excited about the ice starting to form is kept on the edge of their seats…

January 17th 2015 is the tentative date for the 9th Annual Jicarilla Ice Derby. Not all of the arrangements have been made and this date obviously is subject to ice conditions, but it is firmly written in pencil on my calendar.   This year we have an awesome assortment of prizes( as normal), but we went with some new and exciting things like Grizzly Coolers, Cash,  bait casting musky rod, door prizes, and much more.

We also will be selling raffle tickets at the prize ceremony. Up for raffle will be a iPad Mini, as well as a Full day guided trip to Chama Land & Cattle for trophy trout and Rio Grande Cutthroat trout for two guests to be booked summer of 2015. This guided trip is valued at $920.00 and allows you and your fishing partner access to the most exclusive reaches on the Jicarilla Apache Nation for a day. All proceeds from the Derby and Raffle go to stocking trout on the Jicarilla.


Just a little announcement to wet your winter time fishing palette, keep checking in as the 9th annual Ice Derby is finalized further.

Hope this reaches you in good health and spirits.