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29 October 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

29 October 2014

Fish Fans,

Just a little update mid-week. Mundo has been fishing excellent as anticipated. One angler caught 52 fish last Friday, everything from bass and bluegill to a beautiful rainbow trout (see photos below). The angler and his family enjoyed good fishing, and as a long time angler of the Jicarilla he was pleasantly surprised at their good fortunes.

The Fish Crew will be stocking Mundo one more time this season so be prepared for a great fall/winter fishing season.

Anglers have been enjoying the amazing fall weather and the good action at Mundo, while sadly no one has, that I’m aware of ventured to the river to stalk brown trout…

As always for questions, comments, or concerns please e-mail me a jicarillafishqs@gmail.com

If I don't see you before hand, Happy Halloween!


24 October 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Friday, October 24, 2014

24 October 2014

Fish Fans,

I fell ill with the Super Flu this week and have been out of commission, to the point where watching TV was too much effort.  But For the loyal readers, despite doctors orders I came into the office with a handful of colrox wipes and a facemask (not really) to give you guys the recent updates.

The first round a Mundo Lake stocking was completed last week as mentioned in previous posts large bodied rainbow trout were stocked from catchable 11” fish all the way up to 10 pounders.  Though it was impossible to net all the biggest fish for a quick camera shot I have attached a few photos of some of the nicer and one unique fish for you viewing pleasure.  We were hoping the kids could model off the 5-8 pounders but they were too much for them to hold still, long enough for a photo. So you get my ugly mug.

Sampling on the Navajo River wrapped up this week. With me on my presumed death bed the better two thirds of the Fisheries Crew Rosenburg Tafoya took the lead and made sure the goals were accomplished.  I have not had a chance to enter data and review locations of fish as of yet.

Notes of nice brown trout in deeper runs and pools were taken and even a few fish close to spawning condition. It appeared to be maybe a little early for full spawning mode in the sites sampled. That means if you have not had a chance to come streamer or spinner fish the river this year, it is not too late. She is running beautiful with about 30cm of visibility and at 40cfs. Sculpin patterns would be my go too this time of year even in fire tiger but of course the classic browns and olives should produce.

Due to my illness and the river sampling the fisheries crew has not yet conducted its gill net survey.  I am hoping on doctor’s order to be able to start surveying on Monday the 27th.


Also, when out at Mundo you may notice the construction of a large pavilion structure, which has been a joint project between Jicarilla Construction Department and Jicarilla Game and Fish.  Please enjoy once completed and report all suspicious activity or vandalism to Dulce Police Department or JicarilGame and Fish Law Enforcement Division.


Sadly as soon as the concrete was poured some girls though it would be nice to put their hand prints and names in the slab multiple times.  It builds character I guess, but looks like vandalism to me…


Go fishing.



October 9th 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 09, 2014

9TH October 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

Reports have been trickling in but barely noticeable, while e-mails and calls have been coming in buckets.


Mundo: Has been fishing slow with catfish and bluegill moving deep with the colder weather. The bass bite which was excellent up until the last week or so but has also slowed with the fall temperatures. The trout fishing is about to get a lot hotter as we are stocking fish in the next few weeks. It has been confirmed we are stocking approximately 3200 sub-catchable rainbow trout and another approximate 2800lbs of 11”-25” fish some up to ten pounds. That’s right a few monsters are going to be stocked as well as ample catchable 2-4 pounders. After this stocking I for see great fishing this fall and hopefully weather permitting an excellent ice season.

Stone Lake: No new reports to mention, water is incredibly low and both boat ramps are currently dry. The department has been launching its 16’ jon boat from shore on the east side near the ramp.  We will be extending the south ramp while the lake is low in hopes of having it 100% when the water rises.  Snow would really be awesome this year, my fingers are crossed that the drought will loosen its grip this season.  The lake will be stocked this fall with its normal healthy dose of sub-catchable trout. The department will also be conducting a gill net survey in the lake next week to gauge growth rates as well as conduct a trout population estimate.

Navajo River: The River is currently flowing at 32cfs and was running clear, though today’s rains may play havoc on turbidity. Rains always play havoc on the access road (j-9) and caution should be taken as rock, mud and ruts make navigation a little more tricky after storms. Fishing for brown trout is the name of the game this time of year.  The Fish Crew will be conducting its fall sampling trip on the river Oct 20-23rd and fishermen should be aware that areas sampled will not fish well for a day or so surrounding the survey. If you are on the river you are more than welcome to come say hello but please yield right of way to the sampling crew.


Hopefully with all the fishermen sending me e-mails that there will be more to report in the next few weeks, if anything we should have some excellent pictures for the upcoming sampling events.



September 25th 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014

Fish Fans,

With hunting season in full swing here on the Jicarilla things have been a bit on the busy side. As a few of you know I was out of the office the last couple of days on personal stream research days, fish were caught and dirt roads driven. I believe I have responded to all e-mails and voice-mails, If you have pressing questions e-mail is usually the best, as this time of year I’m in the field quite a bit. I respond as quickly as I can to voice mails.

Many folks are still reporting excellent warm water fishing at Mundo Lake with wooly buggers catching all species except tiger musky.  The lake has been light on anglers and I even managed a day of fishing in the canoe all by myself until late in the afternoon when two float tubers arrived.  Though the bass bite was a bit slower than I would have liked (of course if my arm isn’t sore, I like all other anglers think it could have been better) I did manage a few in the 2lbs range as well as four or five more in the 1lbs range. All my bass were caught on large baitfish imitations in bluegill-ish colorations.

Stone Lake had its first anglers of the fall and they reported a skunk, though high summer like temperatures and clear skies with bright direct sunlight did little to help their chances. I have been meaning to make the trip out to Stone, but have not been able to fit it in. I’m just waiting for the perfect rainy overcast day to do it now…

The Navajo river is running low and clear, this of course can change with rain, but today it looks awesome. Some anglers last week reported catching many small browns in the 10-12” range and one larger specimen that spit the hook after a long downstream run. October last year, when sampling many large fish were captured that were in the process of or just completed spawning, so the next month and a half should provide excellent streamer or Rapala fishing. I have had good luck with rainbow trout colored countdown style Rapalas as well as sculpin and clouser minnow imitations.


As always hopefully your fishing proves successful,



9 September 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

9 September 2014

Howdy folks,

I guess the hunting bug has once again swept the Northern New Mexico contingent into the woods and off my favorite fishing holes. Fishing reports have slowed to a tepid pace and most people I have spoken with end their reasoning for not fishing with “ As soon as I bag this bull, I’ll try and get out there…”.

Obviously many sportsmen and women sometimes spilt their free time between two passions, but missing out on fall fishing is just not an option in my eyes.  For those of you who are dedicated anglers you will find the honey holes on the Navajo River, Stone Lake, & Mundo Lake free of all but the most serious anglers for the next few months.

Since I do not have much to report from anglers, I’d like to take this time to give an update on some of the fish crew’s projects and upcoming events.

-          Two weeks ago the fish crew started a new aquatic vegetation control program in Mundo Lake. If this project is successful we hope to move it to Stone Lake in the spring of 2015.

-          The Fish crew along with Jicarilla Construction Department are currently building a new picnic area at Mundo Lake which should provide an excellent location for picnics and large group BBQ’s just 25 yards south of the spillway parking area. Expected completion of the picnic pavilion is mid-October 2014.

-          This week the fish crew is setting fyke nets in Mundo Lake to survey fish abundance and health. These nets will also allow the crew to reduce numbers of over populated channel catfish; the goal is to keep the population in check since there is limited take from anglers currently. Please do not disturb nets.

-          Obviously we have the 9th annual ice fishing derby coming up this winter. There will be some new prize categories, changes in some rules and protocols, and most likely a ton of fun as per usual. If you or your organization would like to donate to this year’s event please call or me send an e-mail at your earliest convenience.  The fish crew has started gathering prizes and planning this upcoming event and hope to have a flier out and it posted on the website as soon as possible.

-          The fish crew is preparing to stock the Jicarilla Lakes this fall with its normal sub-catchable rainbow trout as well as ample loads of catchable-plus (12”-20”) sized rainbow trout which we are able to purchase with the new fish funds which were incorporated into permit sales in 2014.  I will keep you all aware of these stockings as they come up. The fish crew is currently awaiting perfect water conditions as well as scheduling deliveries etc. I would anticipate late October or early November these stockings will start.

 That’s a brief overview of some of the news and projects here on the Jicarilla. As always send me an e-mail with questions etc. jicarillafishqs@gmail.com .

Happy Hunting, I’ll be fishing (when I can…)



26 August 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

26 August 2014


Howdy Fish Fans,

The Mundo Madness fishing derby was held this weekend, and I personally feel it was a success. I do wish a few more people targeted catfish, but that’s okay.


1st Place Audie Reval- 17 channel catfish weighing 23lbs 0 oz. (300.00 cash prize)

2nd Place Shawn Jones- Mixed bag of Catfish/Bass/Bluegill weighing 15lbs 0.5oz. (200.00 cash prize)

3rd Place Patrick Lamb- Mixed bag of Bass/bluegill weighing 9lbs. 1.5oz (100.00 cash prize)

The one disappointing part of the derby was how few youth entries we had; all of the youth who participated got prizes regardless of weight caught. It is the firm belief of the Jicarilla Game & Fish Department that youth involvement with the outdoors is paramount to the success of natural resource management in the future. Please take a kid or five fishing!  Next year I would like to see the little ones in equal number to the adults!

A big thanks to everyone who came out and fished the derby as well as the volunteers and my fellow fish crew member Rosenburg Tafoya for always bringing the positive vibes. The Wildhorse Casino & Inn sponsored this event and donated the cash prizes, which I’m sure the top three anglers appreciate greatly.

Mundo: You should be able to limit out on catfish with decent bait from the east shoreline or from fishing in a boat on the south bay.  The top prize winning angler caught the majority of his fish in the last hour of the derby on the east shore line. I can only imagine night fishing there to wear out ones elbow quickly.

Bluegill have taken the hint about the changing weather patterns and headed into a little deeper water. Small beadhead nymphs are just as good as anything else for catching them, but small hooks a piece of worm and a bobber will get it done as well.

Tiger Musky are targeting bluegill right now, so a bluegill colored swim bait would probably get some action if you can place it in front of a player.

Stone: No reports, I’m a little disappointed in the anglers who call and write, there seems to be a lot of interest but no one is willing to give it ago.

Navajo River: Is clearing up and flowing consistently, it is still a hair early for fall fishing, but it is scouting season for me, and who knows you might luck out on an early pre-spawn brown trout… Catch and release of native fish is required, catch and keep is preferred for trout.


22 August 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

22 August 2014


Things have been very busy with this weekend’s derby, I had totally forgotten about the fishing report.

The Navajo river is shaping up beautifully for some awesome brown trout fishing this fall. Water is clearing up and it is becoming more and more readable by the day. Of course heavy rains can crush this sense of knowledge; it will soon be streamer time for me. One local angler managed two 16” browns last weekend using small rainbow trout colored spinners.

Mundo Lake temperatures are starting to drop with the rainy overcast weather the last few days and trout should start being a little more willing to come out of the depths for spinners, spoons, and of course the favorite powerbait flavor.  Tiger musky fishing has been heating up for a couple of the local anglers using purple plugs. 

I know many of you who read these posts are highly competent anglers, but I would like to take this moment to remind that the musky are not going to bite you. Do not gill finger and hang them vertical, do not rip plugs out of there grills or gills, be very nice to them they are sterile so what we have now is all we have. Catch and release practices for large toothy fish are well developed if you have questions about proper handling please do some youtube research or call me at the office. Do not be afraid to ask, tiger musky are very valuable management fish that the Jicarilla has devoted a large amount of energy intogrowing. Currently the musky are approximately 30” and are very willing to bite a well presented lure or fly.

I still have not received any reports from Stone Lake. The last few overcast days I think probably could have been the best days of the summer on Stone, sadly for me I was at work.  I will be targeting these days as my Stone Lake fishing days this fall and hopefully will be able to catch a couple or three.

Hope to see you all out there for this weekend’s derby and good luck in your next fishing adventure.



August 11 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11th 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

What a busy couple of weeks here for the fish crew. We were all out of the office last week presenting at the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society Meeting, which very nice was a hair on the stressful side of things.

When we were gone monsoon rains hammered the Northern Portion of the Jicarilla, really causing a mess on the river road (J-2) and J-9. The Road has been graded now, so it is ready for late summer fall fishing. Turbidity is on the down swing and clearing up, though I’m not sure the monsoon pattern has subsided for the year (which is great news).

Though Mundo Lake has had a couple anglers on it the last week, I have not received any significant reports. One angler took his two boys out and caught dinner of 40 bluegill last week, all of healthy size.  A couple nice rainbows in the 16-18” range were taken home, The significant  rainfall has dropped temperatures allowing for better trout fishing conditions. As always the cat fishing should be excellent.

No reports from Stone Lake have been received by the Fish Crew. The water level has come up a bit after some inflow bulldozer work done by the Fish Crew’s heavy machinery division. Though this work is just a small piece of the puzzle, but the more water the better. Personally I cannot wait to launch the canoe for some awesome fall fishing.

I will be out of the office this week (Aug11-Aug15) but will be back in action on Aug 18th. But please continue to e-mail reports and questions to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com, I will respond as soon as I’m back in the office.


Mundo Madness

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, July 28, 2014

28 July 2014


Howdy Fish Fans,

Last week’s report is a little late due to the annual summer Navajo River Sampling trip that kept the fisheries crew in there waders, not in the office all last week. Sampling the river is always exciting as you never know what you’re going to find.

Saturday August 23rd is the Mundo Madness Bass, Bluegill, and Catfish Derby. Derby hours are from 11:00am to 6:00pm and entry fee is only Five Dollars per person.  Registration will occur at the MUNDO LAKE SPILLWAY PARKING AREA from 10:00am-11:00am. Weigh in will occur at the MUNDO LAKE SPILLWAY PARKING AREA from 6:00-6:30. Prize Ceremony will occur at the WILDHORSE CASINO & INN at approximately 7:30pm. To collect prize monies the individual must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian collect prizes.

1st Prize $300.00 Cash

2nd Prize $200.00 Cash

3rd Prize $100.00 Cash

As well as children’s prizes to be determined.

Prizes will be awarded based on total weight of fish. Trout ARE NOT eligible for weigh in!

A complete list of rules and regulations will be available for each contestant at sign it. The Fish Crew will also be posting a flyer on JicarillaHunt.com main page ASAP.


Hope to see a good turnout of friends and family from the Jicarilla community as well as regional anglers.



17 July 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, July 17, 2014

17 July 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

Yesterday the Fisheries Crew stocked Mundo, Enbom, and Stone Lake with approximately 21,500 brown trout. Sadly the water quality at Horse and Dulce is still too impaired due to drought conditions to stock. Good news is that does mean more fish for the other lakes.  The Department continues to monitor water quality at all the lakes to ensure when acceptable values are found to be consistent fish will be stocked immediately.

The monsoons have dropped significant rains here in Dulce which is very good news for the lakes and the wildlife on the reservation.  Though the lightning and rains have made fishing the evening bite very difficult as well as blown out the river. Please use extreme caution navigating any off pavement road after the rains, as most washes have been running like flooded rivers and mud is thick in certain areas.  I know a lot of fishermen have awesome big tough trucks, but all these trucks seem to do is tear up a perfectly good road before getting stuck. Lightning is as I have mentioned before, No Joking Matter, please exercise all do caution.

Cat fishing at Mundo has been exceptional with many fish caught in the 18”-20” range. I know for a fact that much larger channel cats roam the deep. Please take these fish home and eat them, we currently have an over abundance of channel cat fish and the trout will thank you every time you throw one in the fryer.

I am quite excited for what these rains and fish mean for the fall fishing here on the Jicarilla. I personally find fall to be the best time to fish as it is my favorite time of the year and the fishing is usually excellent. 

Summer is obviously warm water fishing, and with that a recent sample of Tiger musky showed excellent growth and above average condition factors.  Most of the tigers are 25-30” and should continue to grow for a few more months this year. I have received a lot of concern over the tiger musky eating trout, they do in fact eat trout but there numbers are so low that they should have no serious impact on trout population numbers. What does have a serious impact on trout numbers are channel catfish, come eat them.

Little Beaver weekend is quite a show around these parts with the pow wow, rodeo, carnival and festivities. If the weather pushing you off the lake, come enjoy a roasted corn and fry bread here in Dulce. Festivities start Friday.