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Mundo Madness

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, July 28, 2014

28 July 2014


Howdy Fish Fans,

Last week’s report is a little late due to the annual summer Navajo River Sampling trip that kept the fisheries crew in there waders, not in the office all last week. Sampling the river is always exciting as you never know what you’re going to find.

Saturday August 23rd is the Mundo Madness Bass, Bluegill, and Catfish Derby. Derby hours are from 11:00am to 6:00pm and entry fee is only Five Dollars per person.  Registration will occur at the MUNDO LAKE SPILLWAY PARKING AREA from 10:00am-11:00am. Weigh in will occur at the MUNDO LAKE SPILLWAY PARKING AREA from 6:00-6:30. Prize Ceremony will occur at the WILDHORSE CASINO & INN at approximately 7:30pm. To collect prize monies the individual must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian collect prizes.

1st Prize $300.00 Cash

2nd Prize $200.00 Cash

3rd Prize $100.00 Cash

As well as children’s prizes to be determined.

Prizes will be awarded based on total weight of fish. Trout ARE NOT eligible for weigh in!

A complete list of rules and regulations will be available for each contestant at sign it. The Fish Crew will also be posting a flyer on JicarillaHunt.com main page ASAP.


Hope to see a good turnout of friends and family from the Jicarilla community as well as regional anglers.



17 July 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, July 17, 2014

17 July 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

Yesterday the Fisheries Crew stocked Mundo, Enbom, and Stone Lake with approximately 21,500 brown trout. Sadly the water quality at Horse and Dulce is still too impaired due to drought conditions to stock. Good news is that does mean more fish for the other lakes.  The Department continues to monitor water quality at all the lakes to ensure when acceptable values are found to be consistent fish will be stocked immediately.

The monsoons have dropped significant rains here in Dulce which is very good news for the lakes and the wildlife on the reservation.  Though the lightning and rains have made fishing the evening bite very difficult as well as blown out the river. Please use extreme caution navigating any off pavement road after the rains, as most washes have been running like flooded rivers and mud is thick in certain areas.  I know a lot of fishermen have awesome big tough trucks, but all these trucks seem to do is tear up a perfectly good road before getting stuck. Lightning is as I have mentioned before, No Joking Matter, please exercise all do caution.

Cat fishing at Mundo has been exceptional with many fish caught in the 18”-20” range. I know for a fact that much larger channel cats roam the deep. Please take these fish home and eat them, we currently have an over abundance of channel cat fish and the trout will thank you every time you throw one in the fryer.

I am quite excited for what these rains and fish mean for the fall fishing here on the Jicarilla. I personally find fall to be the best time to fish as it is my favorite time of the year and the fishing is usually excellent. 

Summer is obviously warm water fishing, and with that a recent sample of Tiger musky showed excellent growth and above average condition factors.  Most of the tigers are 25-30” and should continue to grow for a few more months this year. I have received a lot of concern over the tiger musky eating trout, they do in fact eat trout but there numbers are so low that they should have no serious impact on trout population numbers. What does have a serious impact on trout numbers are channel catfish, come eat them.

Little Beaver weekend is quite a show around these parts with the pow wow, rodeo, carnival and festivities. If the weather pushing you off the lake, come enjoy a roasted corn and fry bread here in Dulce. Festivities start Friday.



9 July 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

09 July 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

The Monsoon season appears to have started which is a blessing and a curse. The river has been fluctuating in flow and turbidity after rain events increases as one would expect. Worms and grasshoppers have been keeping the few anglers who fish the river regularly hooked into mostly 12-16 inch brown trout with the occasional rainbow. In the higher turbidity larger spinners have also been effective.

 A family of Anglers who regularly fish Mundo lake have been landing 16”+ trout from the dock using powerbait and water bobbers filled with spilt shot, I have never seen this method but it seems to work very well for them. With the shot filled bobber they are able to cast incredible distance and access deeper water off the dock.

Stone Lake to my knowledge has had no angling pressure in quite a few weeks, though with the incredibly warm summer temperatures this is probably a blessing for our prized 20+” trout.

As it is apparent to anyone in Northern New Mexico or Southern Colorado this drought has been detrimental to most fisheries in the area in some way or another. So these monsoon rains are a blessing though they do make fishing the afternoon bite a little more difficult, or dangerous. Please use all safety precautions when the lighting comes in and enjoy the rain from the truck.

Yesterday the Fisheries Division with ample help from the youth workers installed log steps from the boat launch area (spill way @ Mundo) up to the vault toilet. This should make answering the call of the wild a little easier. The steps should be completed in the next day with a layer of gravel and a little fine tuning.



June 30th 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

Just a reminder Dulce Lake, Embom Lake, and Horse Lake were not stocked this year and are all assumed to be fishless. Mundo and Stone Lake were both stocked in April. 

Important Update: Fire danger on the reservation has been upgraded to extreme. With this upgrade has come fire restrictions to campers, NO fires are allowed even if in a fire ring. Charcoal and Gas Grills are allowed.  For more information regarding fire restrictions call Bureau of Indian Affairs Jicarilla Agency Forestry (575) 759-3963.

The Navajo River has been coming down and turbidity is as low as is anticipated, of course rains can change this very quickly. Anglers using “sculpzillas” have been catching brown trout in the 11-14” range and one fish that got away was reported to be of large proportions.  Local anglers have had good results on worms. If using bait on the river please be attentive, as the protected native fish species (roundtail chub, flannelmouth sucker, and bluehead sucker) are highly attracted to worms and the like. Grasshopper patterns drowned are a very good way to tempt brown trout from the depths. As one angler found out the hard way last week always check your knots and spiltshot connections as a broken tippet may cost you the fish of the season, or lifetime.

Mundo Lake has been keeping the kids happy with bountiful catches of very nice sized bluegill, if you want to keep a future fisher person entertained for hours bring a handful of medium sized beadhead nymphs, and tell them to hold on! These fish are excellent eating and the average size has increased dramatically from previous years, making filleting dinner and easier task.

 I would like to ask anglers to pitch in and help feed your families with channel catfish from Mundo.  Catfish have been an underutilized species in Mundo and I fear an over population of the tasty animals could lead to reduced catches of all species. 

On August 23rd 2014 the Department will be holding a catfish, bluegill, and bass derby on Mundo Lake to help manage the warm water species present in the lake. More information will follow on the Derby in next week’s fishing report.

I have not received any reports from Stone Lake, water temperatures have increased with the warmer weather, it would be best to fish the lake sunup to lunch and late afternoon till sun down. These times of the day seem to be the best time to fish according to the local Stone Guru’s.

As always feel free to e-mail specific questions to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com or call the office and ask for Jacob (575) 759-3255.



10 June 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10th June 2014

It is feeling more and more like summer here on the Jicarilla.  The dragon flies and damsel flies are in full “bloom” so to speak and fisherman should be able to take advantage of some awesome hatches on Mundo and Stone.  Though surface action is limited, due in part to a healthy osprey population at both lakes.

Mundo Lake has provided plenty of anglers there limit in the last week or two while other anglers who may not have heeded my advice to try new tactics had a hard time on the standard powerbait and egg sinker.  Of course of the anglers that limited out half of which were using yellow or pink powerbait and an egg sinker, just not right at the boat ramp.

Some anglers with boats have been saying trolling spoons had been slow, but today an angler who has been trolling said if he wasn’t busy wresting his dog and opening a soda for his daughter he could have landed two this morning. The angler indicated that the strikes “ Were not from some dinker, but at least an 18 inch fish” of course fish stories are just that…Right?

The Bluegill have been keeping the children very busy and happy, while providing ample table fare for the family. I get a lot of complaints about these fish from trout anglers, but they have obviously not seen the face of a four year old after he lands his first or his tenth fish of the day. If you would like an awesome meal and failed to connect with a trout, bluegills are there in good skillet size and numbers.

Two local anglers bass fishing Mundo reported 2 tiger musky catches, the anglers reported the fish to be fat and sassy in the high 20” range. Please catch and carefully release these amazing fish, it is the law.

Weed harvesting is still occurring on Mundo, when operations are done there the plan is to move the machine to Stone.

Stone Lake has proven to be a difficult nut to crack for some of New Mexico’s float tubers. With winds making all day fishing hard early in the season and prolific hatches of mayflies, damsel flies, and dragon flies filling trout’s bellies. Two local anglers reported good success on red and white streamers as well as purple and orange egg sucking leeches. Though they were very zipper lipped about where in the lake and the exact quantity landed the term “Banner Day” was used five times that I counted.

The Navajo River has seen what appeared to be its high water season and is coming into its lower turbidity summer flow nicely. Of course monsoon rains will cause havoc, now would be an excellent time to come give the river a shot, It is also just a darn fine place to beat the summer heat wet wading. Crayfish, stonefly, and minnow patterns should provide action if you have the right set of eyes to find the prime holding water.  

No one seems to ask me what I personally fish or how, so I don’t know if I should share. My plans for Jicarilla fishing this year include, top water fly bass at Mundo, a fly caught tiger musky, and more monster trout out of the Navajo. I can usually be found far from the truck wet wading or paddling my canoe on weed lines throughout the summer months.



28 May 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, May 28, 2014


28 May 2014


I know it has been awhile since I updated the blog with a fishing report, and for that I’m sorry. For those who were patiently waiting and e-mailed or called I hope I answered your questions fully.

The weather has been really keeping anglers at home or at least off the lakes the last few weeks. Dulce received a half inch of rain over the weekend which really helped the greenery and the fish. Seemingly the reservation went from winter to spring to summer back to spring again. Changing of the seasons has brought amazing hatches of mayflies and midges, but today at Stone Lake the damsel flies were also quite active.

Reports from anglers have been scarce hence the delay in the fishing report. I know many people have had good luck and an equal amount have had slow days. Over the Holiday weekend multiple anglers were successful at Mundo with pink and orange powerbait and managed a few fish in the 16-18” range. Others using the same baits in seemingly the same place were skunked. I would warn against fishing the boat ramp, as that is where everyone fishes. The dock on the east side of the lake produced some beautiful trout in the 14-16” range as well as some bass and two tiger musky.  The bass and bluegill should be staging near drop offs or weed lines for their spring spawning activities.

The Department has been harvesting aquatic vegetation in Mundo when the weather allows, and hopefully with the forecast looking somewhat clear we will be able to complete this work in the next few weeks.

The Navajo River is in the middle of spring peak run-off and the water is turbid, but some anglers have still been having success on worms and panther martins, sometimes tipping the treble of the panther martin with a morsel of worm. I have not received any fly angler reports on the river since late April. On a side note the fisheries staff with big help from fish technician/chainsaw guru/ artist Rosenburg Tafoya installed two new log benches near the narrow gauge bridge habitat construction site. They are thoughtfully placed for optimal wader donning and doffing.



May 5th 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, May 05, 2014

May 5TH 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

Fishing reports have been coming in slowly and are basically the standards. The weather has been excellent here on the Jicarilla though the wind has been a force to be reckoned with at times. With the warm temperatures reaching into the seventies the river is starting to rise and color up. Not that the fish stop eating in high flows, but it does take a special angler to make it work.

Mundo Lake: Yellow powerbait seems to be the bait of choice for most anglers. One angler decided to fish for bluegill, but found fishing for panfish slow with worms. I imagine the water temps have not queued the panfish into pre-spawn yet. On the weed harvester large bass have been seen on the southside of the lake. Harvesting will continue for the next few weeks to insure ease of fishing for the first months of summer.

A few local guys hit Stone Lake from their tubes this last week and noticed quite an increase in trout activity. Each managed multiple strikes and one fish was landed in the 19” range. They were using the old standby olive or black wooly buggers. Another person mentioned luck on a red and white daredevil.

Stone Lake south side boat ramp has been reportedly damaged by the unsuccessfully launching of a large craft. The Department plans on going out to assess damage and repair as necessary tomorrow. I wanted to use this time to reiterate that with the low water conditions at Stone the boat ramp is primitive and not appropriate for large craft like recreational pontoon party barges. We successfully launch the departments 16’ jon and 18’ jon from this ramp.  I have said multiple times in fishing reports "reasonable fishing craft", which is something everyone who plans to launch at Stone Lake should keep in mind.

The Department, The Jicarilla Apache Nation, nor its agents are not responsible for personal property damage!



April 22

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22ND April 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

It has been a busy few weeks here with Spring seemingly in full gear work is starting to involve more and more outside with less and less office time.

Last week the Jicarilla Department of Game & Fish sampled the Navajo River and caught many nice trout some in the 24” range. During this sampling one angler managed two trout in the 15-18” range using a purple egg-sucking leech. The rainbow trout that we captured were all in pre-spawn mode and looking to bulk up. Egg sucking leeches in an array of sizes and colors would be a good pattern to stock up on before making the journey to the Navajo. Grasshoppers are also starting to bounce around, dry fly action is not what I would expect, but a drowned grasshopper pattern should elicit some big strikes.

As I mentioned last week Mundo and Stone Lake have been stocked for the spring. No other lakes are going to be stocked until further notice. Embom will hopefully be stocked in the next few months after aerator work can be done.

The weed harvester is currently cutting at Mundo. With no snow cover on the ice this last year algae grew all winter. . The harvester should have the lake in tip-top shape in the next few weeks. The weeds are mostly concentrated on the southside of the lake so there is still now plenty of awesome fishing water.

Mundo-On Friday last week anglers caught quite a few fish in the 14-16” range using spinners and powerbait. Yesterday an angler managed a nice 17” fish on yellow powerbait from the boat ramp, though he did mention the strikes were fairly light in nature, so he did not realize the size of the fish till he set the hook. As the water temperatures rise into the 50’s this action should continue to intensify.

I have received no new reports from Stone, but last week I did notice some large fish cruising the west and north side of the lake.




13 April 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Sunday, April 13, 2014

13 April 2014

Howdy Fish Fans,

A few things to report which it appears from my e-mails will make quite a few people happy. I do not however have the magic pill or bait recommendation for you, I know, this is why you read but I can onlymention a few tips.

First the Jicarilla Lakes (Mundo& Stone) have been stocked for the first time this year. This has been the topic of many e-mails; the fish stocked this spring were all rainbow trout.

Embom Lake will be undergoing some aerator changes that will hopefully allow the lake to increase its productivity. It will be stocked once improvements are made. The schedule for this work is currently “As soon as the water is warm enough for me to swim in…” I need to do some underwater scouting and I think the current 45ish degrees is a fair to chilly for me. I will do my best to keep you all informed of updates as they become available.

Fishing reports have been coming in slowly. As per usual some are doing well others are having a tough time. It appears that the water temperatures are still a hair low and fish may not be actively swimming around making powerbait fishing slow. Black and olive conehead or beadhead wooly buggers trolled slowly have been picking up fish in Mundo and Stone.

One angler shared a stomach sample from a nice Stone Lake trout. In its stomach was a selection of snails and immature damsel fly larvae, as well as what appeared to be mayfly larvae. Snails are always something to have around as well as scud in grey and olive. Scuds only turn orange when they are dead…

Quite a few anglers have been having a tough time fishing Stone due to the spring time “Breeze”. The weather has slowed many anglers in pontoon craft, always remember to have some extra cordage on your boat, it’s a key safety requirement in my eyes, as well as helpful in rigging a second anchor when the wind is cantankerous.  I prefer parachute cord also known as 550 cord, buy the good stuff with an actual 550lbs breaking strength.  Find a good rock and learn a few knots and your good to go with an anchor always return your rocks before leaving.

The river has been fishing well for this time of year with some of the locals managing some nice browns and a few rainbows. One angler reported catching a sizeable cuttbow. Most the fishermen I’ve spoken with have been using small spinners, worms or wooly bugger type streamers. Remember if fishing the river be kind to the native fish. Spring runoff is fast approaching and the water is starting to turn a little turbid. Sadly it might be a “you should have been here last week” but only time will tell if this weekend is awesome fishing.

Hopefully this inspires some fishing adventures in the coming weeks… As always send comments, questions or concerns to jicarillafishqs@gmail.com, please send it reports as well.

25 March 2014

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 March 2014


Spring is starting to show itself here on the Jicarilla. With spring comes in my opinion some of the best fishing though it seems most people have not yet succumb to cabin fever. I’m highly allergic to cabin fever myself so I try to shake the dust off the fishing gear and at least go wash my line in the local drink as soon as possible. For me it may be a cathartic exercise in cold, wind, and numb fingers. Though it appears to have been above 50 and sometimes touching 60 up here in Dulce.

I have been receiving a large amount of e-mails from anglers asking about what’s happening at Stone and Mundo. As most of these anglers will attest I try to respond quickly and with all the information I have. Mundo hosted two anglers yesterday that had a hard time sealing the deal on a few bites though they only fished a few hours.

I have not received a report from Stone yet this season, so I have nothing to share.

 It appears 50 is too cold for New Mexico’s finest fishermen/women.  Or no one is willing to make an early spring attempt at the largest trout of their lives. Fishing is all about the unknown, at its rawest carnal level. That’s the purpose of casting a line into dark waters, to have a chance at holding the unknown. If the unknown happens to taste good that’s a perk.

 A fishing report only tells you, what was happening last week, or reminds you boldly “you should’ve been here last week”.  It is my humble opinion that one should go fishing when time allows, and one should make as much allowable time as possible. Regardless of what the latest blog report or facebook page says. I feel the best fishing in my life as occurred on days where if I ever had read the fishing report, it would have said “don’t bother, mow the yard”.

 A lot of interest has been coming in on the Navajo River. I know one local angler has been fishing it regularly and has managed a few nice brown trout so far this spring. Right now the flows and conditions are optimal though spring runoff is fast approaching. Though run off is turbid, fishing can be good, it just becomes much more of a challenge.  The key to this river as I have explained via e-mail to many interested fishermen is learning to find holding areas and fishing them aggressively. These are not your San Juan quality waters petting zoo trout. You will be sorely disappointed if you tight line nymph a riffle at your feet for hours on end. One must cover water effectively and move regularly. Do not expect this river to look feel or fish like the waters closer to your home. It’s my favorite place to fish in New Mexico. If you’re up for an expedition, this weekend would be an excellent time to give it a try. Please be kind to our native fishes and return them unharmed immediately. A rule of thumb for those not keen on native fish identification is, if it is not a trout release it asap.

Well sports fans that is the rant and rave today, hopefully some will take this to heart and have some information to donate to the cause… be a report writer, not the face in palm mowing the yard guy.