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24 August 2016

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fish Fans,

The nights are getting cooler and the rain has been coming every evening (just about), so that is a good sign that fall fishing is here.

I do not having any fishing reports to share, but I imagine the fishing reports will start flowing with the cooler weather. Be careful as the rain has come with ample lighting and thunder. Please send in reports so I can provide information to the group, many people request information though very few provide.

One project note of concern to anglers wanting to launch boats from the ramp at Mundo. The Department will be installing a new boat ramp at Mundo. We will be re-grading the slope to a shallower angle. The ramp will be out of commission during construction and will require a week to dry before it can accept traffic. The demolition and construction will begin at the end of September, more specific dates forthcoming. This has been a requested improvement to the lake and after much planning it is moving forward. Small boats will be able to launch from shore.

Everyone has been asking about stocking. Per usual I do not release stocking dates etc. but fall stockings of trophy and catch-able size fish will be occurring in the next few months. There has been lots of trout activity in the evenings and a few larger fish reported being lost near shore by unsuspecting anglers, so don't think you need to wait for the truck before the fishing is awsome.

As always give me a call at 575-759-3255 or e-mail me at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com