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26 October 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 26, 2017


Fall seems to finally be here, which is nice as night time temperatures drop and cool calm afternoons making the end of field season pleasant. Though no reports have actually been submitted, the fish crew has been dropping by the lake and has seen some excellent fishing occurring. A group of 5 people each limited out in three and half hours a day or so ago at Mundo. A boat yesterday hooked quite a few in the 20 minutes we were present at the lake. It seems from our observations that all types of common baits, flies, and lures were all working great. Largest fish I saw caught was around 18" and the average size was in the 15" range.

We did stock a fair amount of 8-9" Brown and Rainbow Trout last week so please be nice if you choose to release these smaller fish, so they can grow big for next year!

The roads into Mundo and Embom are dry but rutted from the rains earlier this month, our heavy equipment folks are trying to get the grader to the lakes soon, but are quite busy getting ready for winter.

Weed conditions at Mundo are making deep trolling and sinkers with bait from shore slightly difficult, but of the 10 anglers we talked to the consensus was the fishing was great regardless of the inconvenience the weeds posed. Normally this late in the year the weeds have subsided, but late warm temperatures and sunny days have allowed the weeds to stick around longer than normal.

Embom weed conditions were quite good considering this lake usually has the most weeds. I would consider fishing with a bobber and not the normal sinker rig to avoid weeds in the first place.

Stone Lake gill netting was conducted by the Fish Crew earlier this week and we are guardedly optimistic about the lakes condition. It appears the spring stocking of 8-9" was fairly successful and the smallest fish sampled was 14" while the largest was almost 18" with the most common size being 15.5”. The lake is very shallow despite the increase in volume this year, it is a long way from full. The deepest water observed was approximately 12 feet. This is concerning as we need to get these fish through winter and more water makes that easier. The south boat ramp is in un-improved condition though with rubber boots the fish crew had no issue launching its 18’ 25hp jon boat. That being said the Fish Crew has a lot of experience dealing with un-improved ramps and each individual fisherman or women should use his or her best personal judgement before launching a boat.

One general issue we continue to notice is anglers not reading the proclamation or understanding the rules, regs, and limits. Please take the time to read the fishing proclamation as tickets and subsequent fines can be easily avoided by following the rules!

Get out and go fishing before winter settles in!


05 October 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Thursday, October 05, 2017


No fishing reports today but a weather conditions report. The last two days it has rained/hailed quite a bit, it is currently raining and I have been informed the roads for the Navajo River, Mundo Lake, and Embom lake are very very very muddy and mostly impassable. If the weatherman is right it should clear up and dry out by this weekend. Of course that being said he didn't think it was going to rain all week...

Be safe out there!

The Fish Crew

October 2nd 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Monday, October 02, 2017


Fall finally has arrived and I can see snow in the high country from my office, so I guess winter isn't to far off. Fishing reports have been few and far between, but most folks have reported consistent action despite higher than normal weeds (for this time of year). Obviously boating is an advantage at Mundo.

Some updates on other things:

We will be starting fall stockings very soon. Stockings will include 8-9" fish as well as larger 16-20+" fish for Mundo and Stone.

One angler reported fishing from a kayak at Stone Lake and caught multiple trout in the 12-15" range (which is estimated to be the maximum size in the lake). Obviously this is fantastic news, the gamble of stocking this year thus far has paid off. Of course we still need to get these fish through the winter (lake is still very low). Boat access is challenging unless you are using a kayak or float tube, or similar hand launched craft. The department will conduct its fall gill netting of Stone next week, so there will be some more updates very soon. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, come and enjoy some fishing before winter is here to stay.

The Fish Crew