Jicarilla Fishing Blog

18 April 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The weather is heating up which has been a nice change of pace. The lakes are clearing daily. Fishing reports have been scarce but a few folks have said they have landed fish in the 14-22" range at Mundo lake in the last week. One angler noted the catfish bite was very good on the east side of Mundo. Afternoon breezes have been kicking up across the lands, so start early or fish late seems to be the game plan for the most successful anglers. 

Stocking update: Embom, Mundo, and Stone Lake have all been stocked with 8-9" fish. In the upcoming weeks larger fish 2-7lbs will be stocked into Mundo and Embom. As always I do not release stocking dates, despite how many, or how creatively people ask.

The fishing has been very good, that should be what counts, right?

If you are not interested in catching smaller fish, I would highly suggest adjusting your techniques to include larger hooks, or larger lures and flies. This is especially a good idea given the turbidity as large patterns move more water and attract bigger more aggressive fish.

Come enjoy the spring time fishing, before summer is here.