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29 May 2018

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, May 29, 2018


There is still an unclaimed fly rod that a fisherman found and would like to return. If you lost the rod, please contact me at jicarillafishqs@gmail.com to identify and claim it. Drought conditions here have not improved and the fire ban is still active. This drought is being categorized as the worst in recorded history (the last 19 being the worse consecutive years in the previous 1200... who knows what was going on in 818?) with 1977 and 2002 also being noted as "exceptional".

That's not good news. We have begun taking regular surface water temperature readings at the lakes, and last week Stone lake had readings on average of 66.5 degrees. 

It is common practice to stop catch and release angling for trout as water temperatures rise above 68 degrees, and to limit angling and use heavier line at temperatures above 65 degrees. The stress caused by warm temperatures, angling, handling, etc. will lead to significantly increased mortality post release. Just because a fish "swims away strong" does not mean it will not succumb to the stress and die after swimming away (often within 24 hours).


Normally these temperatures would not be reached in our lakes until late June or early July. Obviously due to the exceptionally dry and warm start to this year we have reached these temperatures prematurely.

This all being said anglers have been noting awesome catches at Mundo in the evenings on all techniques. I just wanted to start the conversation about this drought because it seems many are in some kind of denial or just enjoying the early summer.