Jicarilla Fishing Blog

31 May 2017

Jicarilla Hunt - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This morning was one of those perfect dry fly mornings at Mundo that only come around rarely and never last long. The overcast conditions and a beautiful midge hatch turned the glass smooth corners of the lake into a feeding frenzy. It appeared to be every trout in the lake eating on the surface. This brings about the problem with writing the fishing blog, I never want to say " You should have been here yesterday" so I'll avoid it by saying, you should have been here this morning. I would imagine if the weather pattern holds that these hatches will continue for a little while especially in the mornings before the wind picks up. One other hatch of angler interest is  the Cicadas that this year are thick in most every tree and bush near the lakes, fish have been known to focus on these large bugs when the opportunity strikes...

Sadly for me, the Departments College Intern and myself watched the lake boil for two hours as we replaced log steps on the east and west side of the lake. As a side note the Fish Crew is going to be continuing its infrastructure projects at the recreational areas, we have been working on a camp site at the top of Mundo and will continue later this week with the installation of a new fire pit at the site directly north of the vault toilet. 

I did manage to get a fly fishing report from one of our regular anglers and he said that most bugger flies and larger bead heads (with rubber legs) were producing trout 16" and over the last time he was here. He also noted that he only caught one Bluegill.  All of the reports I have received have indicated great consistent fishing, for larger trout. I have not received any reports about other species, and as you all are aware that is pretty common, as most folks are targeting trout. Bait anglers have noted corn, fireballs, and smaller power bait hunks working well.

Get out and fish!