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FishinG Report 12-27-11

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fishing Report 12-27-11

            The Jicarilla Lakes have been busy this week, with lots of sunshine and good fishing. There are also some anglers looking to perfect a strategy for the 6th annual ice derby which is coming up on Saturday January 21st 2012. We received a few great reports this week. In fact, the year’s biggest reported fish from Stone was landed through the ice on Friday. The ice thickness is at least 5 inches at all of the lakes, and the cold single digit nights will continue to add on to that. The hot spot this week is Dulce Lake, but the quality of the fish in Stone brings it up a notch in my opinion. Mundo is slow, which is a surprise and Horse and Enbom still haven’t produced a good report.

            Dulce Lake is producing Rainbows that average 16 inches with both bait and jigs. Wax worms and meal worms are both working as is yellow powerbait. Jigs vary from crappie feather jigs to plastics and have been working in a variety of colors. The water is very clear and the lake is shallow which allows for a good view of your rig if you get down on the ice and look through your hole. Some friends and I had a blast sight fishing with jigs out there last week.

            Stone Lake has given up some very nice fish to jigs over the past week. The prime time seems to be around 2:30pm considering that several reports mention the same timing. They have been hitting white, pink, chartreuse and other colored jigs and are often hooked within 4-6 feet from the ice. Audie Reval from Dulce caught a lunker this weekend which measured 26 inches and was estimated to be 7.5 lbs based on the 15 inch girth. A picture of this monster will be attached below.

            Mundo Lake has been slow according to two reports this week. One report was from 3 anglers who fished 4 hours with zero bites and the other was from an angler who fished for an hour and caught 1 bass. This is not typical for Mundo Lake, and I feel like things will turn around soon.

            Horse Lake is the source of bad news this week. I tried it for an hour with two other guys last week and we got skunked. I also tried it several days prior to that trip and had the same result. To top it off, I just had a call from a veteran ice man and he got skunked in 3 and ½ hours. I don’t know what is going on out there, but I hope to have some answers for next week’s report. The reason I am so surprised is due to the great gill net results we had in late November (and no I did not net them all!).

That’s it this week. We didn’t hear anything from Enbom which is not a surprise with Stone and Dulce doing so well but we hope to get some info for you next week. Check out the picture of Audie’s 26 incher below.

Kevin Terry

Fisheries Biologist

Jicarilla Apache Game and Fish Department     


Audie Reval- 12-23-11- Stone Lake 26 inch, 15 inch girth, est. weight 7.5lbs.