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Fishing Report 2-21-12

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fishing Report 2-21-12

            Ice fishing continues at the Jicarilla Lakes. The ice sheet is currently 15 inches thick at Stone Lake and assumed the same at Mundo Lake. The wet snow from last week’s storm was quickly incorporated into the ice sheet during recent clear cold nights. The weather outlook is good through the weekend this week. Stone Lake has received all of the attention recently and Mundo Lake remains untracked. Oxygen levels are hanging on at Stone and the fish caught are still fighting well.

            Stone Lake has been getting some attention from local anglers. Fishing has been variable from day to day. At least 8 fish were caught over the long weekend by a group of anglers. Sunday was the best action with 6 fish landed between three anglers. The fish ranged in size from 12 inches to 19 inches. This group was on the North side of the lake and had some action each of three days this weekend.

            Mundo Lake is covered in a fresh coat of snow with zero trace of fishing activity. The most recent report from last week came from a local angler who caught a diverse bag of fish near shore on the East side of the lake. He took Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, and a few skinny Trout with jigs.

            Late winter ice fishing can be hit or miss. Fish are slow and hunkered down waiting for spring. The Dissolved Oxygen levels at or near the bottom will not support trout for an extended period of time. Fishing higher in the column will put you in more fish. The sunny weather coming up should make for great conditions on the ice. Soak up the rays and catch some nice fish too. See you out there.

Kevin Terry

Fisheries Biologist

Jicarilla Apache Game and Fish Department