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Fishing Report 3-27-2012

Jicarilla Hunt - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fishing report 3-27-12

            The Jicarilla Lakes are almost completely iced out after the warm weekend and yesterday’s high winds. The exception is Stone Lake, where there is 80% open water. There are still 4 days left on your 2011-12 annual permits, and now there is an opportunity to fish open water one last time before the start of the 2012-13 season. The two lakes that are fishable are Mundo Lake and Stone Lake. A short description of the current conditions of each lake can be found below. The new 2012-13 Non Tribal Fishing Proclamation is now available for download on our website (www.jicarillahunt.com). Please take a look at the changes for this year before fishing after April 1st, 2012. As part of a transition to reduce paper waste and make our business more efficient and customer friendly, we are reducing the number of vendors that will offer Jicarilla fishing permits in 2012-13. The list of the vendors that will continue to provide license sales can be found on the new proclamation. We apologize to those of you who will be affected by this transition. For help using the online purchase system or for more information on our local vendors in Dulce please call us at 575-759-3255.

            Stone Lake is almost completely ice free. The remaining ice is located in the North Eastern part of the lake. The line is almost due north form Manghani Point to the North Shore. The water is clear due to the lack of runoff into Stone this year. The water levels are quite low and the boat ramp on the south side of the lake is the recommended launch site at this time. We do not have any reports to share at this time, but we hope that changes after this weekend. As soon as the remaining ice has melted, we will conduct the annual gill net surveys. This data will be reported ASAP after the surveys.

            Mundo Lake is completely open water. The water is quite turbid from runoff and the lake has come up a little in recent weeks. We expect to have the gill net data available for next week’s report. Overwinter survival is typically very high at Mundo and we expect to have a good start to the new fishing year.

            The other lakes that are managed as seasonal fisheries include Dulce Lake, Enbom Lake, and Horse Lake. Both Enbom and Dulce Lake will be stocked in early April with both average catchable Rainbows (8”) and larger trophy class Rainbows (14-20”). The numbers and dates will be reported soon.

            The Jicarilla Game and Fish Department is looking forward to another tremendous year of fishing. Your business is very important to us and we will do our best to provide excellent fishing opportunities at the Jicarilla Lakes. See you out there!

Kevin Terry

Fisheries Biologist

Jicarilla Game and Fish Department