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14 March 2019

No real news, no open water yet, and ice fishing season is over. I just wanted to give an update on the weather. It has been raining, and it has been snowing. Which is excellent news for the lakes and rivers. After last year’s horrific drought getting a reprieve is a prayer answered. Now I’m not much of a fortune teller but all three lakes (Mundo, Embom, and Stone) are already receiving inflow after rain-on-snow events over the last week. If we can continue to reap the benefits of “Bomb Cyclones” and good old fashion spring storms it should be a very good spring!

Hope all is well,




After the warm weekend and early snow run off the ice sheet has turned to 18" of slush. Due to safety concerns the Department has decided to close the lakes to ice fishing for the rest of the season. This was the longest most productive ice season since I have been here (6 years). So there is alot to be happy about, winter just can't last forever (thank goodness for soft water fishermen like myself).

I will keep the blog updated with conditions as the lake opens up and spring fishing begins. New permit season begins April 1st and the new proclamation is already uploaded to the website.

The Fishing Derby will be held May 4th so get it on your calendars, we are working to get it all set up so I'll post updates as we get further along in the process!

New Website


If you are reading this it means the new Jicarilla Game & Fish Website is live. It has taken quite a bit of work to update the website and we hope to share even more improvements and updates in the near future. All of your old favorites including the updated Fishing Proclamation and of course the Fish Blog will continue to be updated with the most current fishing conditions. Look around and enjoy!