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Spring Weather

Spring is acting like, well, spring. It is raining and snowing off and on at many elevations and as a fish guy, things are going awesome. Weather of this nature is supposed to continue throughout the week, according to the professionals. After the drought of 2018, this is exactly what we needed. Fishing has been fantastic from local reports, but visiting anglers have not submitted any new reports since the last blog update. Water bobbler and flies, bait, spinners, and all manor of tackle have been producing full stringers. Water temperatures last week were 54 degrees at seven feet and 47 degrees at 18 feet. Things are still cold so fishing should only improve when temperatures begin to rise. Please remember to be respectful of the boat ramp parking situation at Mundo, it is a very popular spot these days. Don’t forget to check out Embom lake, I heard a rumor about the north side flats holding some nice fish.



May 9th 2019


I have to say it is turning into one of the most perfect springs I can remember. Rain makes for less fishing, but more water is more better! Bad English aside, roads are going to be very sloppy especially if the weatherman was correct when he said it should be raining off and on for the foreseeable future (at least through the weekend). Please use good judgement before tearing down wet roads, and consider parking on asphalt and walking in to the lakes if possible. It is Canada goose nesting season please use extreme caution and remain a safe distance away from nests.

I have been getting lots of fishing reports, and they are always quite interesting. Flies and lures have been out fishing bait, especially when it comes to fish size. Folks are reporting catches of 20 plus fish a day with pistol petes and fish in the 11-16”. Multiple anglers reported larger fish in the 18” to 20” range all on lures and flies. Boat and tube anglers seem to be out fishing shore anglers. Covering water this time of year is really important. On a side note the first rounds of stockings are completed for the spring.

Game wardens have been reporting that many anglers have not done their due diligence by not reading and understanding the fishing proclamation. Some of the most common violations have been fishing with two poles, and not knowing the limits. Please take the time to read the Proclamation, it is not very long, and it will save you from making a mistake that could result in a citation. It is available on multiple locations of the website, including the main page and is a downloadable .pdf you can save it to your smart phone for quick reference.  

 Un-safe boating and the loss of gear in the lake has come up again this year. Multiple rods have been reported missing (lost overboard) and at least one trolling motor. Please use common sense and all proper safety equipment if you are launching a tube or craft in the lakes. If you find any equipment please report it to the JGFD and turn it in so we can return it to the rightful owner.

Have a great weekend!


Derby Results

Photo: Quintin with his First Place Youth Catfish and 3rd Place Adult Catfish

We had beautiful weather for the 13th Annual Derby. The fishing was on fire most of the day, and we weighed in the most fish of any derby (at least during my tenure). The Top Place finishers are listed below. The competition was fierce, and folks had to play the tactics game all day to place in the top three. Most folks were so focused on trout that they forgot about the other categories which made one lucky Bluegill fisherman, who took home some loaded fly boxes and a new float tube. One youth also placed in the Adult Catfish Category so we hooked him up with 1st place youth and 3rd place adult prizes.

Rainbow Trout (Adult Division)

1st Herman Garcia with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.965 pounds

2nd Moses Esquibel with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.543 pounds

3rd Bob Martinez with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 5.295 pounds

Bluegill (Adult Division)

Mike Pino with 1 Bluegill weighing 0.375 pounds

Channel Catfish (Adult Division)

1st Joseph Vigil with 10 Channel Catfish weighing 14.380 pounds

2nd Valentino Lucero with 3 Channel Catfish weighing 4.015 pounds

3rd Quintin Cheykaychi with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 2.460 pounds

Rainbow Trout (Youth Division)

1st Luis Cano with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 4.915 pounds

2nd Stormy Bicenti with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 3.675 pounds

3rd Jordon Victorino with 5 Rainbow Trout weighing 3.600 pounds

Channel Catfish (Youth Division)

1st Quintin Cheykaychi with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 2.460 pounds

2nd Arion Gonzales with 1 Channel Catfish weighing 1.008 pounds

25 April 2019


Busy spring fishing season and I have a few updates.

Three docks are out at Mundo, they may not be in their final resting places for the season, but three docks are fishable. 

For those folks who asked the water temperature at Mundo Lake today at 11:43 was 12.46 C. 

PSA: Spill way parking is tight, PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE BOAT RAMP, it is very inconsiderate. If you park to close to the ramp you run the risk of getting backed into. Please consider that a truck has to pull up, around, and then back in. Stay well clear of the ramp when parking.

Parking is tight since the lake is so high, please move your vehicle from the spill way once you have unloaded your gear. Be considerate of folks who need to unload, back a trailer, etc.

Fishing has been hot, with fly rods out fishing bait six to one. The lake is off color and motion and flash seems to be the ticket. If you are a spin caster consider the ole Pistol Pete and water bobber technique. Boat anglers as always are having more consistent luck, on larger fish. Fish this week seemed to range from 10-19”.

The South Boat ramp at Stone Lake is underwater for the first time in well as long as I have been here. What a great thing that is. Let’s keep the rain coming.

May 4th is the 13TH Annual Derby, if you are joining us, we look forward to seeing you out there! If you wanted the lake to yourself that day I would consider another weekend or another lake…

Good Luck out there!


Weather Changes


It was spring for a quick second, and then it snowed. Not much snow and none of it accumulated but it feels like the temperature over the last two days has dropped 25 degrees, and the wind has been horrific.

I have only received a few reports, all indicated easy trout catches from shore 12-16” on spinners, bait, and spoons. The water temperature today is 47 degrees, so still very cold. The catfish bite has been amazing at the inflow area of Mundo with the local fishermen hauling in cats up to 24”, but they have say the old adage is true “you should have been here yesterday” as the bite seems to be slowing down.

The Fish Crew will be putting out the docks as soon as the weather allows. We are hoping next week the weather clears and lets us get out in the field. High wind and dock construction do not go together.

Mundo Lake is at the spill way and only two feet of the ramp is exposed. Please use caution in the area! I went to take the dangerous ice sign down and had to put on my waders. The sign is in knee deep water. The dead tree snag on the dam is total submerged. Awesome winter, brings awesome water!



Fishing Derby Update

13TH Annual Jicarilla Fishing Derby: Rules and Regulations

$30 per angler (13 & over)

$10 per youth angler (12 & under)

This Year’s Derby will be held at Mundo Lake

All other 2019-2020 Jicarilla Proclamation Rules and Regulations Also Enforced!


General Derby Rules (valid May 4th 2019 ONLY!)

  1. Jicarilla Game and Fish employees will be patrolling the Lakes, and have the authority to disqualify and cite any contestant for breaking the Jicarilla fishing regulations or tournament rules.
  2. Every contestant must have their own separate stringer/creel of fish. Sharing or combining fish will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. All of the involved parties will stop fishing for the day (once a fish is caught, place in appropriate contestant’s creel or stringer immediately).
  3. Registration starts at 7:30am on the Mundo Lake Spillway. Cash Only for registration correct change is appreciated!
  4. Tournament fishing hours are from 8:30am to 3:30pm. Anglers may prepare to fish (launch boats, set-up, etc.) but cannot drop a line until the starting siren/gun has been sounded.
  5. One Pole per angler
  6. All fish must be turned in at the check-in station beginning at 3:30pm at the Mundo Lake Spillway. All fish must be checked-in by 4:00pm in order to qualify for prizes. No exceptions!
  7. Contestants must treat each other and the Jicarilla Nation with respect and civility. Harassment, littering, vandalism are grounds for disqualification/citation. If cheating is suspected, please locate a Jicarilla Game and Fish employee to investigate. DO NOT confront another contestant if cheating is suspected. Please respect other anglers and their families, refrain from profane language and behavior.
  8. Prizes are awarded based on total weight of a legal bag limit (measured by an approved Jicarilla Game & Fish Representative). Categorizes for Trout, Bluegill, and Catfish will be awarded prizes, there will also be youth divisions.
  9. Legal bag limits are as follows Trout (5), Bluegill (10), and Catfish (25).
  10. Bait Fishing is allowed at Mundo Lake in accordance with the 2019-2020 Fishing Proclamation (no fish pieces, fish/minnows, or amphibians allowed (please see 2019-2020 proclamation of complete list of applicable regulations)
  11. Tiger Musky will not be included in this year’s Derby. Excessive handling/weighing could cause unwanted stress, thus, if a Tiger Musky is caught at Mundo Lake, please return it to the water as soon as possible to reduce stress and potential mortality.
  12. Derby Registration allows anglers to fish during the duration of the Derby, to fish after the derby hours anglers will need a valid    Jicarilla Fishing Permit

02 April 2019


Just a quick update:

I took a drive today and wanted to report back that Mundo Lake is at the spillway and still gaining water. Please exercise extreme caution in the parking lot area, if the spillway is wet, please do not try and drive to the spillway instead walk from the road. The lake is slightly off color from run off.

Embom lake is spilling over and the road is very sloppy.

Stone lake is getting a much needed steady inflow of water from Elk Stream and is rising.

All the roads have wet areas and are rutted. We will get the roads crew to grade the roads once the threat of snow is over.

Fishing sounds like it is doing very well for those getting out early.


April 1st 2019

Happy April Fools Day!

No jokes from the Fisheries Crew this year, but some good news on the lake conditions. 

Ice is gone from Mundo, and we are getting quite a bit of Inflow, which is AWESOME! Folks have been catfishing at the inflow area and doing very well. The lake is off color near the inflow due to all the run off. It snowed yesterday so winter is still trying to hang on. 

Hope all is well!


14 March 2019

No real news, no open water yet, and ice fishing season is over. I just wanted to give an update on the weather. It has been raining, and it has been snowing. Which is excellent news for the lakes and rivers. After last year’s horrific drought getting a reprieve is a prayer answered. Now I’m not much of a fortune teller but all three lakes (Mundo, Embom, and Stone) are already receiving inflow after rain-on-snow events over the last week. If we can continue to reap the benefits of “Bomb Cyclones” and good old fashion spring storms it should be a very good spring!

Hope all is well,




Based on all the phone calls from anglers it has become apparent some of you are chomping at the bit to wet a line. Currently Mundo Lake has about 20 feet of open water around the south side of the lake. I think the remaining ice sheet is deteriorating quickly but it might take two more weeks to break up significantly with the current weather conditions. Obviously rain or high winds could accelerate the break up. I will be out of the office on business travel next week but will update when new information becomes available.




After the warm weekend and early snow run off the ice sheet has turned to 18" of slush. Due to safety concerns the Department has decided to close the lakes to ice fishing for the rest of the season. This was the longest most productive ice season since I have been here (6 years). So there is alot to be happy about, winter just can't last forever (thank goodness for soft water fishermen like myself).

I will keep the blog updated with conditions as the lake opens up and spring fishing begins. New permit season begins April 1st and the new proclamation is already uploaded to the website.

The Fishing Derby will be held May 4th so get it on your calendars, we are working to get it all set up so I'll post updates as we get further along in the process!

New Website


If you are reading this it means the new Jicarilla Game & Fish Website is live. It has taken quite a bit of work to update the website and we hope to share even more improvements and updates in the near future. All of your old favorites including the updated Fishing Proclamation and of course the Fish Blog will continue to be updated with the most current fishing conditions. Look around and enjoy!